Diehard Kim Kardashian Fan Spent $170,000 To Look Like Her, And He’s Not Done Yet

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It is quite a sad reality that most people want to look like others just because. Be it a mix or insecurity, idolatry, or pure imitation, fans will always want and try to look like their idols… even if those are Kardashians. Hence, one Kim Kardashian fan went all out just to look like her, going as far as to be rejected by doctors for his outrageous surgery demands.


27-year-old Jordan James Parke is quite the Kim Kardashian fan. You see, he has spent over $170,000 in numerous surgeries in order to look like the notorious Armenian-American Hollywood bombshell. One would think that he would stop there as he is now actually having trouble after three botched nose jobs. This is what Parke already looks like:

Photo by E! Entertainment

It appears Parke has problems breathing among other respiratory issues because of the earlier nose jobs. That means a fourth nose job is needed and requires one of his ribs to make his nostrils wider so he can breathe properly. Parke’s latest procedure, however, is not something he is willing to go through, just because it will ruin his Kardashian nose:

In fact, he actually wants to make his nose smaller still, “Hopefully they can help me with my nose, make my nose a tiny bit smaller and help my breathing a bit more,” he said. Because that’s totally how the human body works.


Though this is not the first time Parke has had disastrous surgeries, he is actually known as “Britain’s Lip King” after undergoing several disastrous lip injections before he finally got it “just right.” He has also undergone several liposuctions to the point where more would ruin his stomach.


Still, the Kim Kardashian fan apparently finds happiness in this, even claiming that, “Plastic surgery is 100 percent like sex. You can’t have it once. You have to have it over and over and over.” That he did, your move Hollywood.

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