Kardashians’ Long Lost Brother Kirby Jenner Keeps Up With Them In Latest Vogue Mag Cover

Photo by Instagram/Kirby Jenner

We’re still not sure if the Kardashians know that they actually have a long lost internet brother named Kirby Jenner. After all, no one can keep up with them, though Kirby has apparently, based on his Instagram photos with them. Okay well, maybe just digitally, and not in real life, but hey, those photoshop skills are undeniably worthy of the Kardashians’ and Jenners’ attention.

Disclaimer: he is not actually a Jenner nor a Kardashian, he is just good with photoshop. However, Kirby’s latest digital outing with the Kardashians take him on a nice bike ride across the desert with Kendall Jenner in tow. Check out his latest stint with her below.

If you notice it’s in Turkish, we also do not know why, you can ask Kirby if you want, assuming you can keep up with him. A little backstory is in order though, Kirby has been doing this for a long time, he “allegedly” shared a womb with Kendall and definitely catalogs their “not photoshopped” social escapades together via Instagram.

Kirby even revealed some juicy stuff about Kendall’s past– she does not like the idea of being called fat, even as a fat baby. As for why he is being constantly cut out of Kendall’s official photoshoot images, it’s Kendall’s fashion team leader Mario’s fault, who is angry with Kirby.

Rest assured, by Kirby, that he is “totally, genuinely, and unconditionally” close with Kendall. He also admitted to building pillow forts with Kanye West sometimes, though we imagine not so much right now. If you want to keep track of Kirby and Kendall’s social apogee, he constantly updates his Instagram account so you can like, keep up.

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