Armed Canadian Carjacker Says Sorry, Returns Lunch & Purse To Woman He Stole From

Photo by Real World Survivor

No matter how lucky you think you are, there might always come a time when you get randomly picked by a malefactor as a victim of their crimes. It’s all cruel chance and will never be fully avoidable this day and age. However, it might not be as bad if it took place in Canada. One woman even witnessed the most polite Canadian carjacker ever after he stole her car.


The incident took place in Springbrook, Alberta, Canada to an unnamed woman. She was on her way to work and was driving near the airport in her 2012 silver Mitsubishi Outlander with license plate BNR 6558. All was going well until she came upon a collision between a pickup truck and a school bus where she saw one of the drivers just standing still on the road.


The woman came up to him only to realize that the lone driver was wearing a bandana on his face. Hence, she had trouble recognizing him while he pointed a gun at her. Turns, out, the man needed a getaway vehicle and the woman’s Outlander was the only decent thing available. However, before taking the car, the Canadian carjacker did not forget about etiquette.


“He asked if I had any children in the back of the vehicle. I said no. Then he asked me if there was anything I needed, like my phone, and I said ‘Yes, if you’re going to leave me in –20 C on a gravel road, I would appreciate my phone,’ so he gave me my phone, my purse, and my lunch bag,” told the woman. So polite. After that, the Canadian carjacker took her car.


“I said, ‘Thank you [for returning her things],’ and he said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I said, ‘That’s fine.’ I guess it was just a reaction because he was stealing my car and had a gun in my face,” said the woman before the two parted ways. Soon after, they met again and decided to have dinner to see if things will work out… just kidding, but the Canadian carjacker is still at large and the woman’s car has not been found yet.

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