Japanese Teacher Licks Student’s Ear To Spot Lies; Gets Arrested

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What is the most important thing to learn in life? For some, it may be honesty, humility, or some skills, but really, it’s the truth you need to learn. Hence, a lot of people go great lengths to learn about the truth since let’s face it, we all lie. Spotting lies can be difficult. However, one man– a Japanese teacher nonetheless, can spot lies just by licking ears… allegedly.


Now, who would want a teacher like that? Right? It would be very difficult to lie to him about your dog eating your assignment. His name is Teruki Suira, a 32-year-old Japanese teacher from the Shinsei cram school in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. He wanted to demonstrate his anime powers of detecting a lie just by licking ears. That he did, to a 14-year-old student.


He held the 14-year-old boy by the shoulders and licked his ear. It was by no means comfortable, so the boy and his mother filed a complaint. Hence, Suira got arrested on November 1. He did admit what he did to the boy but also reasoned out that “It is true that I licked him, but I did it as a way of guiding him along the right path.” The path of truth is indeed a hard, gruelling, and er, disgusting road.

Anime fans also pointed out that the Japanese teacher might have been an “otaku” or a person obsessed with anime and wanted to channel a character from the weird anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” namely Bruno Bucciarati who can tell lies by licking other characters in the face. Regardless, a beautiful lie is better than the disgusting truth, especially if someone has to lick you to find that truth out.

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