Straight-A Japanese Schoolgirl Steals Dozens Of Books To Study, Gets Arrested

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What constitutes a crime? Well, for a lot of people, it’s breaking the laws, whether constitutional, moral, ethical ones. However, people have different motivations and one would often find that some crimes are done for necessity and do not always have bad intent. One good example is a Japanese schoolgirl who stole some books in order to study, knowledge being the most valuable treasure and whatnot.

That or it could be that books are getting too expensive these days, especially big titles from known authors. However, one girl from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan was not out partying for Halloween like all the other 18-year-olds. Instead, she was browsing some educational books in a bookstore. Initially, she left without purchasing anything but returned the same day and snuck some books into her bag.


Unfortunately for her, the guards did check her bags and saw more than a dozen books crammed in. The police were promptly called and she was arrested. Upon questioning, the schoolgirl also revealed that she has actually made off with 10 books prior to the incident. That brought up the total number of books she has stolen to 25, amounting to an equivalent of $320, all educational, talk about burning the midnight oil.


Among the books she has stolen was “An Interesting and Easy to Understand Explanation of Exponents and Logarithms” and similar study aid and reference books. The girl admitted to the police that she was going to use the books to study but did not have the money to purchase them, her penalty is yet to be handed down. Still, the lesson to be learned here is to always check the library before stealing any books you want to read.

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