Man Thought To Be Dead Turns Up Alive Two Months After His Own Burial

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It’s not often someone comes back from the dead, last time that happened, a new religion was born and the Romans got bamboozled. However, this time around, someone seemingly did come back from the dead, though no religion was founded in his return. It was a man from Kazakhstan and he “came back from the dead” after being buried two months ago.



63-year-old man Aigali Supygaliev from Kazakhstan loved to wander off in his twilight years, according to his relatives. Earlier this year, he took off and never returned after a prolonged period, making his family worry. A month after Aigali disappeared, the family contacted the police, after which they tried to identify a badly burned body. Results from a DNA test for the body yielded a 99.2 percent match for Aigali. Hence, a wake and a funeral were held back in September.


“We held a wake, and the extended family organised a traditional ‘konil shai’ ceremony,” said Esengali, the brother of the “deceased.” The family buried Aigali in the Muslim cemetery of Tomarly where they even paid for a tombstone and returned two months worth of pension since Aigali died. Then two months later, Aigali walked into their house, healthy as an ox.


“When Uncle Aigali walked through the door hale and hearty two months after we’d buried him, my daughter Saule nearly dropped dead of a heart attack,” claimed Esengali. Turns out, Aigali was never dead, he just took a work offer in a nearby village from a man he met and probably forgot to inform his family about it. He did return after the four months of work was over.


As for the police and the forensics, well, they had some explaining to do. The forensic scientist did stand by the 99.2 percent DNA match, but suggested that the 0.8 percent difference was also important. Needless to say, the family was not pleased since burials are by no means, affordable. Still, they are left wondering who the hell did they bury. Sadly, no religion for Aigali since he was technically not dead.

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