Japanese Company Says You Smell Like ‘Dead Animal’ Under Stress


We all know that stress is bad for just about anyone and anything. There are certain health effects and aesthetic negativity tied to stress, especially in human beings. However, a recent research suggests that stress definitely has more negative effects than those. Apparently, it can even make you smell really bad, like a dead animal even, all thanks to the findings of a Japanese cosmetics company.

You probably have heard of Shiseido or have come upon it in a visit to a mall. If not then boohoo– just kidding, Shiseido is a multinational personal care company, much like L’Oreal or Gillette. Unlike those companies, however, Shiseido has just discovered that human beings (that means you) secrete a distinct odor when under stress.

According to the company, this “stress smell,” which they dubbed ST Thiodimethane is due to two compounds, namely allyl mercaptan and dimethyl trisulfide, both are associated with garlic and onion, respectively. Additionally, dimethyl trisulfide is also a key component for a plant named dead horse arum lily which imitates the scent of a dead animal in order to attract flies for pollination.

So, that means part of what makes you smell bad while stressed is because of the same compound that the said plant utilizes for mimicking dead animal scents, particularly that of a dead horse. The other parts are probably due to the fact that you probably tend to forego a bath or personal hygiene when you are stressed. So let us all thank Shiseido for stating the obvious, we all smell bad when the going gets tough. Either that or Shiseido could be planning to release a new soap and is exaggerating how bad you smell for marketing tactics.

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