Missing Man’s Body Finally Found Thanks To Tree That Grew From His Belly

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Back in 1974, a Turkish Cypriot in Cyprus named Ahmet Hergune disappeared. It was a tragic incident since he was a victim of a hate crime where Greek Cypriots killed him and three others with a dynamite. They threw the four Turkish Cypriots in a cave and blew them up. Their bodies were never found because the dynamite shut the cave down. More than four decades later, Ahmet’s body was revealed by nature itself– a tree nonetheless, which grew from Ahmet’s stomach.

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Apparently, Ahmet had eaten a fig before he and the three other Turkish Cypriots were killed. However, what made the tree grow was the sunlight which somehow shone one Ahmet’s body through the destroyed cave. Hence, the seed in Ahmet’s stomach took root and grew into a full fig tree.

It was also thanks to a curious researcher in the said area who first spotted the unusual fig tree back in 2011. The researcher said that it was a rare sight for a fig tree to grow in that spot since it was a mountainous area, which is not conducive for figs. So he dug around the tree to see how it became possible but was horrified to see a human body underneath the roots.

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It was indeed confirmed to be Ahmet through DNA testing with some living family members. As for Ahmet’s family, particularly his sister, 87-year-old Munur Herguner, they were relieved to finally recover the body of Ahmet after so many years of waiting and hoping that they would still find Ahmet.

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