Japanese Fetishist Wants To Give 360-Degree VR View To Girls’ Crotches While Biking

Photo by フェチVR動画

Japan is a weird place, at least to a lot of foreigners, but most of us will probably do as the Romans do when in Rome. Save for fetishes, though, some are just too bizarre for someone regular to be able to conceive of them. And then, there is this one virtual reality (VR) fetish project being worked on by a Japanese person. It’s hard to explain, take a look, also NSFW (maybe?):

フェチVR from フェチVR動画 on Vimeo.

That right there is an intermediate fetish, nothing sexual, just some Japanese people longing for the ability to view a girl’s crotch while she is riding a bicycle. Oh, and it comes in a 360-degree view too, courtesy of virtual reality (VR). So if ever one gets tired of looking at a crotch, then, there’s a nice view of the neighborhood.

Photo by フェチVR動画

Now hold your horses guys… and girls (maybe?). The project is still not yet complete at the moment and is actually up for crowdfunding, courtesy of one Japanese person. His/her name is on the video, it’s in Japanese though. The project calls for about 100 similar 360-degree videos from women who apparently do not mind filming their crotches while riding bikes.

Photo by フェチVR動画

Apart from the videos, the Japanese project head is also hoping to raise 1.01 million yen (US$8,986.83) for VR equipment such as goggles and cameras as well as payment for the models, their uh… services, and their clothing. Now, should the project come to fruition, the rates have already been published on social media.

Translated, it means: “▼ 3000 yen: first viewing rights of VR movies ▼ 5000 yen: model selection rights ▼ 10000 yen: viewing rights of VR movies in 2018 ▼ 20000 yen: VR motion picture announcement · cast right ▼ 30000 yen: costume & model selection right ▼ 40000 yen: Saddle & costume & model selection right.”

Now, who are we to judge? It’s quite a hefty fee for a crotch view, but hey, what else is VR for right now, eh?

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