Hot Pursuit: Florida Cop Gets Chased By Little Pig [Video]

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Police are not known for their hilarious on-the-job antics since their work is often very stressful and lethal. There have been several cases where cops have been hurt or have hurt the criminals that they were pursuing. However, one cop from Florida got served with a swift justice from a pig.

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Officer Ray Schilke III of the Cape Coral Police Department did not expect a live bacon to actually chase him down. During one fine afternoon in Florida, Schilke III received a complaint saying that there was an animal on the loose. When he went down to the criminal’s whereabouts, Schilke III found out that is was not just an animal, it was “the” animal, a little pig. It then proceeded to run him down the streets, possibly in revenge for all the bacon he ate for breakfast. Here’s the video of the chase:

Still, Schilke showed commendable professionalism throughout the chase. It was rather comical as well, an opportunity which Schilke III took with his joke “the ‘pigs’ are being chased by little pigs.” The chase went on for a while with Schilke being unable to find the owner of the said little pig. Hence, he asked some of the bystanders to help him with the pig.

Thankfully the owner of the pig was found not far from the original scene of the crime. No animals were hurt during the chase and Schilke III was also commended for his humor in trying to resolve the complaint. Also, the pig was named Willie, not Babe, unfortunately.

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