Pair Hosts Traditional Viking Wedding With Blood Sacrifice & Pagan Decor


Even though there are some peculiar ways to wed — most folks still choose to go down a more conventional route.

One couple from Norway took the traditional wedding to the next level however when they elected to exchange vows in a genuine Viking ceremony — complete with a pagan priest, longships and even a blood sacrifice.

Elisabeth and Rune Dalseth did what’s called a “blót sacrifice” — in which they blotted their foreheads with pig’s blood at one point during the wedding ceremony; Photo: Giphy

Rune and Elisabeth Dalseth agreed to ditch their orthodox Christian upbringing in favor of a ceremony influenced by weddings that undertook 1,000 years ago.

The item swapped the standardized bridal car for two bona fide longboats and opted to get married on the banks of a Norwegian lake garbed in full Viking matrimonial attire.

“Rune completely opened up a new world for me, and I soon fell in love with the people and the spirituality of it,” stated Elisabeth; Photo: Giphy

Upholding tradition, the ceremony implemented a ‘blot’ ritual — a cauldron of pig’s blood is placed on a pile of stones, then seeped over small figures representing the gods, and then smeared onto the forehead of the couple.

In authentic Viking style, the pair caroused right into the night — encircled by 130 guests, all donned in full costume — swilling honey-beer and dancing to classical Norse songs.

Elisabeth, 27, remarked: “We danced to live music that our ancestors danced to over a millennium ago.”

Never before has such terror appeared in Britain as we have now suffered from a pagan race. … Behold, the church of St. Cuthbert, spattered with the blood of the priests of God, despoiled of all its ornaments; a place more venerable than all in Britain is given as a prey to pagan peoples.” -Alcuin of York, characterizing a savage raid by Vikings on a monastery in present-day Scotland; Photo: Giphy

“Vikings were no more terrible than any other group of people living at that time,” said Rune.

Rune and Elisabeth are keen to contest the horned helmet-wearing mariners’ reputation for violence, ravish and pillage.

“Rune completely opened up a new world for me, and I soon fell in love with the people and the spirituality of it,” stated Elisabeth.

“I come from a very Christian family,” Rune claimed.

“When I announced that we were not going to have a Christian wedding my mum was a little unsure about it.

“But I think she has now come to accept it. She can see how happy paganism makes me and how it has helped me get my life together.

“Before I was a Viking, I didn’t have a wife, a baby and a house – now look at me.”


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