Runaway Pig Bites Woman At Burger King [Video]

Burger King

Some crazy things have happened at Burger King restaurants, like the story of the lady who ordered food only to get home and realize it wasn’t a Whopper in the bag, but thousands of dollars. This time, things got a little piggy at a rural Pittsburgh Burger King location. A pig on the run invaded the parking lot and even bit a patron on the foot. Fortunately, the local news station, WTAE picked up the story and uploaded it to YouTube.

It seems the large, black pig was a pet from a house down the street. Burger King employee, JJ Nichols explained the crazy story to the news reporter.

He explains how he first spotted the pig. The swine began to circle the parking lot, as customers started showing up. The pig seemed friendly and quickly the news of the swine spread quickly. People began showing up just to see the strange visitor.

Just when everyone thought the pig could no wrong, it bit a lady on the foot.

“The pig just kind of walked up to her and bit her on the foot.”

The lady quickly got back in her truck and left sans Whopper.

Despite the naughty swine, Nichols tried to make the best of the situation.

“I tried to feed him bacon, but my manager yelled at me.”

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