Woman Fights For Right To Be Braless On The Job; Files Human Rights Complaint

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The times are changing now, Bob Dylan predicted so, and while that song has been around for a while, people are still having a hard time accepting new social norms. One of these is the fact that a woman, or any person, in general, can wear anything they want as long as it does not violate any reasonable law. The more acceptable reason for this should always be for function over form, hence, comfort should be a priority.

That is what Canadian women are fighting for, and one of them is Kate Gosek. Gosek works as a cook at a McDonald’s chain. She was often criticized and felt discriminated for not wearing a bra while working there since apparently, her managers mandated that all the women employees should wear bras all the time.

So another aggrieved employee named Christina Schell filed a complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia, Canada against managers and businesses which force women to wear bras at work. Like Gosek, Schell was also hounded by her former employer for not wearing a bra at work in the Osoyoos Golf Club.

Both Schell and Gosek, as well as other women found bras uncomfortable, especially during hot weather. The complaint has since sparked quite a debate regarding whether or not employers can mandate a woman’s undergarments. Schell thought that such a mandate was absurd since she already follows the dress code for the establishment and they still want to control what she wears underneath. Because of her refusal to comply, Schell was fired, prompting her to file the complaint.

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