Hospital Makes The Most Innovative Makeshift Bed Ever; Goes Viral, Sparks Backlash

Photo by Instagram/podslushano_kuznetsk

A lot of hospitals often try to make their patients feel at home because the stress of not being comfortable with where you are can add to the affliction. That is why their beds and other facilities have to feel natural and homey. However, one Russian hospital got a little too inventive and resourceful with their makeshift bed and it drew attention online.


One day in the small southern Russian city of Kuznetsk, the local hospital got an influx in admissions. A lot of patients were pouring in for some reason and apparently, they were running out of space. So, the healthcare facility got an idea to be able to still accommodate all the patients: makeshift beds. Here’s what they got so far:

Not too shabby, eh? Those planks look… smooth and… polished. The photo was published online by the baffled members of the local community and it has since gone viral due to the sheer resourcefulness of the hospital in executing their makeshift beds.


Of course, people were shocked and angry at both the hospital and the government due to the officials’ failing to maintain the national health system. Because governments totally do not cut back their health sector’s budget just to add it to their military’s.


Still, some people thought to find method in the madness of the hospital’s makeshift beds with some reasoning out that a patient must have needed a hard surface to lie on. However, the hospital itself said that “The hospital’s therapy ward had to accept 61 patients for necessary treatment between January 6 and 13. As of January 14, there were 77 patients and only 60 beds.”


Hopefully, future patients are lucky enough to not be on the wrong side of the bed, or have a bed at all.

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