The Unspoken Truths Of The Real Captain Morgan

captain morgan

Even if you rarely ever ‘get a little captain in you,’ you can still learn intriguing info about him. Here’s some unsaid truth of the real Captain Morgan.

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Henry ‘Captain’ Morgan is oftentimes thought of as a pirate, which is comprehensible (we mean, he does wear a pirate-y coat and a pirate-y hat on bottles of rum). However … Morgan wasn’t quite a pirate.

The flesh-and-bone Morgan did command a gang of Caribbean pirates dubbed the Brethren of the Coast; technically though, he was a privateer, which was similar to a pirate, “only legal.”

A maritime mercenary for the British royalist, Morgan protected British trade paths in the Caribbean and ransacked Spanish territories and was knighted for his endeavors. For being a regal pain in Spain’s fanny, in exchange he kept whatever loot he pillaged. Rather than undermine impact on trade, privateers were progressively incorporated into naval strategies, and Britain especially regarded privateering as a state-sanctioned business procedure.

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People who pillage and murder for a profession are bound to do some grisly things, and the captain was no exception reportedly. Alexandre Exquemelin, his surgeon, depicted Morgan as exceptionally wicked.

For instance – Exquemelin said Morgan held a senior Portuguese man captive, convinced he was wealthy. When the prisoner stressed he wasn’t rich, Morgan’s men purportedly stretched the elderly man’s limbs with cords, “breaking both his arms behind his shoulders.” They too affixed flaming palm leaves beneath him, set his hair on fire, charred his face, sat hefty stones on his joints, and starved him nearly to death.

It’s too said, Morgan ostensibly roasted countesses over coals. In addition, Morgan seemingly imprisoned persons and had their skulls compressed with cords until their eyes surged out.


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