These Dogs Failed Government Training For Being Too Friendly, Now You Can Adopt Them

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If you ever thought that a good boy can be too “good” for a serious job, then the government also does. Every year, drug-sniffing, bomb detection, and guard dogs undergo a government training program where they also graduate. Turns out, not all dogs are suited for badassery, hence those are now being put for adoption.


The reason? Apparently, those good boys who failed government training are actually too friendly, meaning the government does not want them. Apparently, some of these dogs are being groomed for work in TSA and other security outfits. These K9 watchdogs are actually selected meticulously since they are key employees for agencies like TSA.


Any dog which was deemed too friendly and failed the graduation are taken into a nearby facility to await adoption. In fact, TSA is more than happy to send off these dogs in the said adoption program which they have dubbed as a “career change.” Somehow we wish this is also available for humans where if a career does not work out, you get to be a pet, but eh.


Anyway, adopting these all-American K9 rejects is not that simple, you will need references, a yard with a fence, an interview with a veterinarian, and a trip to San Antonio for a second interview. Only then can you provide a worthy home for these dogs who failed government training.


But hey, if you’re not ready to give up just yet like these dogs, then these agencies can help you get your “too friendly for a job” pup:

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