This Hospital Dresses Its Halloween Newborns as Pumpkins

Some people might think being born on Halloween is spooky, but in reality, it is just another day like any other. Unless you are at a very special hospital in Pennsylvania, at which point, the staff dress you up in homemade baby pumpkin costumes that are really quite adorable.

In case you are wondering, the hospital’s name is Forbes Hospital in Pennsylvania (isn’t that right next to Transylvania? No, my bad, was just trying to keep up with spooky Halloween theme). And as you can see, what they do is pretty darn adorable.

The outfits featured knitted orange caps with a green stem sticking out and matching homemade “pants” (a.k.a knitted orange diaper) and it really is kinda cute, even for a jaded bastard like me.


Remy Carreiro


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