Google+ Launches Business Tools, Cloud Based Program Is Free Through 2013

Google Plus Tools For Businesses

Google has just announced the release of a private beta program that will bring a suite of business tools to the social media platform.

Google is offering the chance to use the tool for free through 2013 at which time they will become a paid subscription part of Google’s new cloud-based initiatives via Google Apps.

Mashable took a look at the beta program and listed some of its major features:

  • Private sharing. When you create a post, you can now label it as “restricted.” This will limit its visibility to those inside your organization (plus a few external partners if you so choose), and can’t be re-shared with anyone on the outside.
  • Administrative controls. Administrators can set up company-wide sharing defaults for posts and Hangouts.
  • Hangout Calendar integration. Since July, Google+ users have been able to organize Hangouts directly from Gmail, and open Google Docs documents during those meetings. Now, users can attach Hangouts to Google Calendar events, enabling attendees to join a Hangout directly from the Calendar entry or original invite (see below).



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