Twitter May Be Able To Find Psychopaths [Study]

Twitter And Psychopaths

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University and the Online Privacy Foundation have conducted a joint study in which they have found that the constant use of certain words could predict on Twitter if someone is a psychopath.

The study looked for very specific words used on a daily basis such as “bury,” “kill,” and “die.” Researchers then weighed the data against unspecified warning signs.

Researchers put 3,000 volunteers through the filter and discovered that 1.4% of those participants were closet psychopaths.

Obviously determining if their Twitter-based results are even close to accurate can be nearly impossible but the study none-the-less demonstrates how far researchers are going to determine a persons decisions based on social media use. If further research can determine how someone thinks based on their social networks posts it could be a goldmine for user specific marketing.



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