Twitter To Start Sending Personalized Weekly Digest Emails To Users

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Twitter is about to enter the world of email marketing as the company prepares to launch a new “weekly digest” email for customers. Under the social networks new plan users will begin to receive a weekly digest that includes top stories from their own feed.

The email will include tweets and likes that are important to a user based on the people they follow and the information they share.

Twitter also plans to include a “most engaging” tweets section and stories shown in other peoples feeds and stories they tweeted or used the favorite feature to bookmark.

An official Twitter blog post reads:

“Stories feature a design similar to the recently updated Discover tab, emphasizing who shared each story beneath summaries to help you decide which ones matter most to you.”

The blog post also uses:

“Click any headline to finish reading the story, add your take by tweeting directly from the email, and see related Tweets from the people you follow.”

With this new feature becoming a reality the Twitter purchase of personalized email marketing provider RestEngine a whole lot less mysterious.

Twitter says the weekly digest will “roll out in the next few weeks.”

Kim LaCapria

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