Pretty Crime: Fugitive Girl Steals Hearts For Being China’s Most Beautiful Criminal

beautiful criminal
Photo by Twitter/@cnpoliceofficer

Not all criminals are scary ugly in appearance, some of them are probably looking at their devices reading this article. Ha! Just kidding you beautiful human, you(?). However, it is true, some criminals are luckier than others in the looks department. The latest among them is a Chinese girl who not only stole money but also stole hearts after being dubbed China’s most beautiful criminal.


Qingchen Jingjing is on the run not from suitors but from the police for allegedly committing a serious crime. She got made defrauding customers in local bars and teahouses for money. Now, the city of Mianyang in Sichuan province, China has released a wanted poster of her. But that wanted poster did more than just warn people, it also made them swoon, here she is (first one), no makeup, no filter:

While details regarding Jingjing is scarce, a former work colleague suggested that she was around 19-years-old. Apparently, Jingjing is also part of a criminal gang that scammed money from people in bars and teahouses. Two other members of the said gang already surrendered, but Jingjing remains at large and pretty, so much so, that her admirer’s declared her: not guilty.


“Being beautiful is not your problem, but using your looks to commit illegal crimes is not right,” said Mianyang police. At the moment, Jingjing remains on the run, but she might want to heed some career advice from her admirers online, some of which claimed that she can actually make more money being a beautiful game streamer or even a model than a teahouse scammer.


Regardless of her crimes, Jingjing is guilty of being a hot felon.

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