Convicted Double Murderer In Minnesota Will Run For Senator, Apparently That Is Legal

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The senatorial election in the state of Minnesota is fast approaching. It is only a matter of months before November 6 happens. On that particular day, Minnesotans better hope that one troublesome candidate for senator does not get any vote.

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The said candidate is Leonard Richards who is serving a life sentence without parole for the murders of his half-sister May Wilson in 1982 and for shooting his own lawyer, Robert Stratton, dead in 1987. Those infamous deeds, however, does not bar Richards from running as a Democratic Senator in the state of Minnesota. Unfortunately, there was is no stopping Richards from doing so, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office.

Apparently, the requirements for running as a Senator in Minnesota are quite lenient. Their laws state that you only need to be of a certain age and that you live in the state on Election Day. Hence why Richards has time and again, kept trying to exploit loopholes in the state’s laws to his advantage.

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Richards has also done this before in the past, but for other official positions. Back in 1992 he ran in the DFL primary for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District and tallied in excess of 14,500 votes. In 1994 even, he ran for the U.S. Senate in the same primary, though he only got 4,000 votes. In total, he has about seven runs for office from the inside ever since he was incarcerated.

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Still, Richards would not be able to take a Senate oath if he were to win. Regardless of the results of his senatorial run, the sister of his second murder victim is doing her best to inform the public why they should not vote for Richards. “Even one vote for this murderer is too many,” according to her.

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