Florida Man Fights With Easter Bunny In Bizarre Street Brawl, Gets Owned

Photo by Instagram/@workfth

Costumed vigilantes or crime fighters aren’t usually cuddly, after all, they want to instill fear or shock into their opponents. However, one heroic man in an Easter bunny suit begs to differ, as he came to the rescue of a woman who was being assaulted by a Florida man. The two even fought in a street brawl and the Florida man got owned by Easter bunny man.

“Hippity hoppity, I’ll show you ferocity” probably best sums up what happened last weekend in Orlando, Florida, US. A man named Antoine McDonald in an Easter Bunny costume was out bar hopping with his friends when they came upon a man and a woman fighting on the streets.

So, the Easter bunny jumped in and tried to separate both, but when the Florida man started hurting the woman, Easter bunny went crazy and showed him his southpaw. Here’s the video, courtesy of Instagram user @workfth.

The police can be seen arriving shortly after the brawl to break up the crowd. However, Easter bunny has already put the Florida man in his place. According to one witness named Lindsey Edwards, she saw the Florida man spit on the black woman as she was passing by, implying that he started the fight with her before the Easter bunny even arrived.

“I see this lady and this guy going back and forth, and I’m just looking at it and walking. Then I see him spit on her, and she starts hitting him, so I walk over there, I try to help,” claimed McDonald. Despite the incident, no arrests nor charges were made that day. The woman, the Florida man, and the Easter bunny went their own merry way. Only in Florida folks.

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