13 Outrageous Tweets Trump Made About The “Crazy Mueller Report”

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The Mueller Report has finally been released to the public, and from what we can tell of the small amount of text that hasn’t been blacked out, there is far more to the investigation than the original summary led us to believe. Donald Trump has officially switched gears and is back in defense mode on Twitter, doing his best to distract his supporters from the truth. Here are some of the most outrageous tweets Trump has made about the so-called “crazy Mueller report.”

1. It’s All Obama’s Fault


One of Trump’s go-to defense mechanisms is to blame Obama. Any time things aren’t going his way and his supporters start asking questions, it’s Obama’s fault. The man hasn’t been in office for more than two years but it’s exactly what Trump’s minions love to hear. It only makes sense that Obama knew about Russian involvement in the 2016 election because we all know just how close he is with Putin, right?

2. The Angry Democrat Trump Haters


After blaming Obama, Trump loves to accuse the “angry Democrat Trump haters” of lying. Democrats lie about everything from things they’ve heard Trump say to the things they’ve seen him do, and should be considered unreliable no matter how cohesive their stories are. The president’s insane rant continues in the next tweet…

3. An Illegally Started Hoax


You know your president is in trouble when he starts cursing in an early morning Twitter rant, one which he forgets to finish for nearly nine hours. (Check the time stamp on the next tweet.) Trump can call this report a hoax all he wants, but the FBI doesn’t joke about collusion.

4. Big Fat Waste Of Time, Energy, and Money


I finally agree with something Trump has said! We really do need to bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people who have committed very serious crimes, including himself.

5. Conflicted Mueller


Mueller must be biased, right? That’s the only way he could manage to come up with nearly 500-pages of content describing all of the illegal and shady activity Trump has been involved in since managing to become elected as president. He probably intentionally filled occupied his time on this investigation with those he knew despised Trump, ignoring anyone who might vouch for his credibility.

6. The Fake News Media


You can tell that Trump is in full-blown panic mode since he has jumped from blaming Obama and Democrats to Mueller himself, and then finally calling out the “fake news media.” It’s all nonsense though, of course. The only thing the media is guilty of stirring up is the truth, something that has been made difficult after a censored version of the Mueller Report was released. Mueller may have completed his report to meet a deadline, but the investigation is ongoing. It’s a bit too soon to declare there was no collusion.

7. The Greatest Witch Hunt In The U.S.


Here Trump goes again with more of this “witch hunt” talk. Apparently, this inappropriate alt-right catchphrase doesn’t only apply to men being accused of sexual assault and rape. It now applies to the Mueller investigation as well, and Trump is oddly referring to it as the “greatest witch hunt in U.S. political history.” Really?

8. Total Hit Job


First, it was a hoax, then a witch hunt, and now it’s a hit job. Trump certainly has a way with words, especially when they can be squeezed into a Twitter post. No one is devastated that the report found no collusion though because Trump hasn’t been exonerated. Also, a ton of evidence proving his shady behavior was brought to light, making the investigation worth every penny paid and every moment spent.

9. The Radical Left Democrats


It’s funny how much Trump cares about taxpayer dollars when it’s being spent on investigating his criminal behavior, but he has no problem throwing money at a wall that will do little to nothing in terms of preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country. The investigation isn’t a waste of time or money if it manages to save our country from an unqualified president.

10. Most Corrupt Political Witch Hunt


Trump can’t make up his mind. First, the Mueller investigation was the “greatest political witch hunt” our country has ever seen. Now, it’s the worst and “most corrupt witch hunt in the history of the United States.” Well, which is it, Trump? The investigation can’t suddenly be corrupt just because the president doesn’t like the outcome. As long as he keeps blaming the Democrats, or the “other side” as he refers to them in this tweet, his supporters will stand by him.

11. High Crimes And Misdemeanors Lead To Impeachment


Since Trump definitely didn’t read Mueller’s report, he might not know that evidence actually was found of obstruction. Mueller determined that Trump made several attempts to hinder the investigation process, and was unsuccessful only because his underlings didn’t follow through on his orders. That is called obstruction of justice and qualifies Trump for impeachment, among his other offenses that we haven’t forgotten about.

12. How Do You Impeach A Republican President


What Trump doesn’t realize is that impeachment is a political process, not a law enforcement one. Even though Mueller hasn’t found enough evidence of collusion to prove that a crime was committed, that doesn’t mean he’s safe from being impeached. His tweets reek of desperation, but he’s at the point where he’ll do anything to keep his head above water. Appealing to his few remaining supporters is the only things saving his presidency right now.

13. Angry Democrats


Trump can say that Mueller’s report is only based on these “18 angry Democrats” all he wants, but Mueller had a whole team working with him throughout the investigation. They went through emails, financial documents and so much more to come up with the evidence they found. His tweets are nothing more than a pathetic attempt to influence the public to question the validity of the report.

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