These Nuns Make $1,100,000 A Year Growing And Selling Weed


A group of nuns are pulling in more than $1,100,000 a year after transforming a convent into an international marijuana operation.

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60-year-old Sister Kate Meeusen in 2011 launched the Sisters of the Valley in California’s Merced County with only 12 plants. Nowadays, the business is blossoming and the union of nuns have big hopes of broadening their medicinal marijuana conglomerate. The nuns utilize their CBD (cannabidiol) products, which include oils and salves, to treat everything from cancer to epilepsy – and declare to have cured eight people thus far of addictions.

“We don’t like the white man rule,” Sister Kate said. “Farm people are very slow to adapt to new ideas, people are stuck in the 1950s with their ideas towards the cannabis plant for medicinal use. We have a 100 per cent success rate in curing people of their addictions. Admittedly we don’t have a huge sample size, we worked with eight people who were addicted to either alcohol, tobacco or meth, but they all got better. That’s a better success rate than Alcoholics Anonymous.”

Sister Kate continued: “Gradually the world is starting to open up to the idea of cannabis as medicine, rather than treating it as a dangerous drug. We intend to have enclaves in every town and province in the next 20 years. We’re going to be doing more and more with Hollywood because that’s the megaphone to the world. We’re also planning an edgy, political series done in cartoon form. We are accustomed to fighting for the rights of the marginalized. It’s an important bill that would allow California to join some 20 other states and Canada in denying this privilege as an excuse for not reporting abuse.”


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