The 90’s Jazz Cup Is On Easter Eggs And A Lot Of Other Places

The Jazz Cup is one of the ways that 90s kids as adults have found to remember our childhood.

Ah the 90’s, Rocket Power, Gigapets, and the Jazz Cup. The Jazz Cup is the official name for that cool design that was on all the cups that came out in the 90’s and looked like something straight out of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This one, you remember now right?

At my office, kickin' it #oldschool. #cups #talesfromthevalley #jazzcup #90s #ginaekiss

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And since 90’s kids are reaching the terrifying ages that signify adulthood, we’re finding places to remember our childhood. And of course, the jazz cup is a memory in a bottle (pun intended).

This Easter egg can get everybody reminiscing.

While I'm at it… #solojazz #nailart #90scup #jazzcup #90s

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Nike was also one of the greatest things to come out of that decade (though it was actually invented in ’64).

This had to take hours.

You might think I'm shy but I really just don't wanna fucking meet you. #jazzcup #vaporwaveaesthetics #killyourself

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Fast #JazzCup Wheels #October17

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Paying like its the 90’s

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