High Waves: Fisherman Catches 48 Kilos Of Cocaine In Marshall Islands

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Being a fisherman is often hard work and consists of mysteries, dangers, and fulfillment, the sea is rather an unpredictable tempest. Hence, lots of wonders and perils are present there, usually not mutually exclusive. One fisherman in the Marshall Islands even found 48 kilos of cocaine in the Marshall Islands amounting to as much as $4 million.


A fisherman was out and about 307 miles from the Marshall Islands capital of Majuro, in Kwajalein Atoll. He was going through his usual fishing routine when he happened to net his most peculiar and most dangerous catch ever; bags of cocaine. Apparently, they were wrapped professionally in plastic bags with the white powder visible from the outside.


Needless to say, the fisherman was puzzled and probably scared even. So he called the police to confiscate the drug bundle which weighed in at around 48 kilos of cocaine. The authorities also estimated the price of the batch at around $4 million when sold, which is quite a big loss for whoever lost it there in the said atoll.


“We’re pretty sure we got all of it,” said police commissioner Robson Almen. The police also suggest that the said 48 kilos of cocaine might have been part of a bigger shipment or bundle.

Apparently, boats are used to smuggle and transport cocaine there all the time since the Marshall Islands is situated between South America and Asia. It is also considered as a major established drug route and the past decade has had multiple bundles of cocaine and boats washed up ashore on six occasions. 

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