World’s Oldest Living Bird Proves She Still Has It; Lays Another Egg

oldest living bird
Photo by Wikipedia/John Klavitter/U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Most human beings are thankful to have lived past their 60s, after all, that is the retirement age and there’s pretty much nothing else left to do but enjoy life at that point. Having a child at that age, however, is a big NO, especially for women. Still, one bird– the oldest living bird in the world, has proven that it is possible after laying another egg… at the age of 68.


Wisdom (yes, that’s her name) is not your typical grandma. She has a beak, some wings, and a really healthy, er, womb? She also has mothered more than 30 chicks.


Wisdom resides in Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge on a tiny island. The place is about 1,200 miles from Hawaii in the Pacific ocean. Anyway, she is 68-years-old and still rockin’ it with her sex life because she recently has laid another egg. This makes it approximately her 36th offspring in her near seven decades of existence.


Now, if her chicks are at least half as busy as her in their sex lives, then it is safe to assume that Wisdom probably has more around a thousand grandchildren. That is a lot of gifts to give this holiday season, but thankfully birds know nothing of such an expensive tradition.


Biologists were actually surprised at Wisdom and they were even forced to re-evaluate their knowledge about albatross, seeing as how one of them lived up to 68. That number makes Wisdom the current crown holder of the world’s oldest living bird.


Despite her huge help to albatross-kind, Wisdom and her species are actually at risk according to WWF (World Wide Fund) due to loss of habitat, ocean plastic, and commercial fishing practices. Still, Wisdom’s habitat in the refuge remains a crucial habitat for the preservation of all albatross.

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