Boy Who Cried Wolf: Teen Sends Hundreds Of Fake Bomb Threats To Schools & Airports

fake bomb threats
Photo by National Crime Agency/PA Wire

There are plenty of great teenagers and kids out there sacrificing their youths to make the world a better place. One of them even got shot for being an underprivileged female activist and won a Nobel Peace Prize. Then, there is also the opposite side of the spectrum; teenagers who waste their privileges just to spite the world, such as one teenager who sent hundreds of fake bomb threats to schools & airports.


19-year-old George Duke-Cohan from Watford, Hertfordshire, UK definitely has a lot more to learn if he even wished to be half as useful as a third-world teenager activist. The young man actually sent more than 400 fake bomb threats to UK schools this year. As such, all of them have triggered massive evacuations and paranoia.


Cohan had been arrested after such damage to public safety. However, this did not stop him and he was still able to carry out his fake bomb threats while under investigation. This time around, he was targeting both US and UK schools as well as airports, most notably the San Francisco Airport in the US.


This increased the number of arrests needed for Cohan and he was actually arrested three times because of his continued hoax activity. It was not revealed why Cohan did it and why he even made great efforts to do what he considers as “fun.” The teenager was finally sentenced for three years in jail after his arrests.


“You knew exactly what you were doing and why you were doing it, and you knew full well the havoc that would follow. You were playing a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities. You were playing a game for your own perverted sense of fun in full knowledge of the consequences,” said 
Luton Crown Court, Judge Richard Foster to Cohan.

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