Unreal: Female Suicide Bomber Blows Herself Up [Video]

female suicide

A female suicide bomber’s body flew 6 meters up into the air, after activating the self-strapped explosives at a Grozny checkpoint.

female suicide
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No single reason leads persons to becoming suicide bombers, scholars say.

Suicide bombing produces a substantially larger number of casualties per attack than other uses of force by insurgents, terrorist groups, and others –  hence, it’s popularity. Although organizations that are more religious are considerably more likely to adopt suicide bombing, the underpinning cause and its relationship to specific religious ideologies (e.g. Salafi Jihadi movements) versus the architecture of religious groups stay matters of dissent.

The modern-day suicide bombing era commenced in Lebanon in the 1980s; the first modern attack transpired in 1981, followed by Hezbollah‘s ill-famed 1983 suicide attack against the US Marine Corps Barracks.


The utilization of suicide bombing has become, regrettably, a more frequent occurrence since 9/11, including against US troops, allies, and partners in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, suicide bombing has transitioned from what was the equivalent of a military excogitation for extremist non-state actors to a more “normalized” presence in the savage non-state actor’s module.

Whether suicide bombings help radicals achieve their end goals more than other ploys remains an open-ended question, however.

Clearly there is some relationship, at least accordant to piling evidence, between religion and suicide bombing. And as suicide bombings (and, mass shootings) persist in becoming a more regular part of society, the hypotheses relevant for explaining its continuing circulation may alter as well.


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