Study Finds Non-Stick Frying Pans Can Make The Penis Smaller, Here’s How

non-stick frying pans
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Have you ever gotten that feeling when modern technology is just one step forward and two steps back at this point? One new invention and innovation can lead to progress but also sets us back often with harmful effects. The thing is, if you ever have used non-stick frying pans for cooking, chances are, you have just made someone’s penis smaller.

Most fully grown men have nothing to worry about though, as the problem only affects male unborn babies up to teenagers. Those said male babies could end up with their penises half-an-inch shorter than usual if their parents are exposed to high levels of a certain chemical used in non-stick frying pans.

The said chemical is called Perfluorinated Compound (PFCs) which are used in spades for the coating of non-stick frying pans. Scientists have recently found out that PFCs can interfere with male hormones with additional effects of sexual organs being “significantly” shorter and thinner.


While the effect on teenagers is not as bad compared to babies in the womb, scientists suggest that PFCs could still affect teenagers. Apparently, PFCs can get into the bloodstream and reduce testosterone levels among male teenagers. 


The said study was conducted by researchers at the University of Padua in Italy where they found out that men who grew up in areas with heavy PFC pollutions can have penises 12.5 percent shorter and 6.3 percent thinner than those who grew up in other areas. The said sample size was 383 men with an average age of 18.

It seems women are also not exempted from the toxic effects of PFCs. The said chemical can actually cause early menopause, low birth weight, and lower fertility among other organ problems. It also seems not much can be done against this problem unless PFCs are banned, but even then, the problems are bound to continue.

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