Man Gets Cancer, Loses Penis But Gains Six-Figure Payout

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Ah, life, something which the universe likes to toy with– a lot. Oftentimes, you win some, and you lose some, those who don’t lose some are usually called politicians and are anomalies of nature but I digress. One man from the U.K. might have been lucky and unlucky at the same time after losing a lot to a disease, including his penis, but gaining what most of us need a lifetime to earn.

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63-year-old Andrew Lane was a cancer patient and needed a surgery for his prostate. So, in 2013, he had his prostate gland removed in Southend hospital in Essex, U.K., however, during that said procedure, Lane also contracted the potentially fatal infection necrotizing fasciitis. It is otherwise known as flesh-eating disease or bacteria.

The said infection was so severe that it reached Lane’s penis and other body parts. He was rushed to the hospital soon after finding out what had happened, but the doctors apparently had to amputate some of the infected body parts to keep the disease from spreading. The procedure left Lane with only an inch-and-a-half of his penis, practically rendering him unable to have sex or get an erection, much to Lane’s dismay who has been married for 18 years.

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Of course, the infection was the hospital’s fault, hence Lane went to court against them. It was only until July this year that the case got settled in Lane’s favor. The hospital had to pay him an undisclosed sum because of this and admit liability. The exact amount was allegedly as high as six digits and in pounds presumably. Still, Lane could not help but feel disappointed despite the payout since while the hospital admitted their mistake, they did not apologize to Lane, who still finds it difficult to cope with his situation.

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