Drunk Man Enters Wrong House, Sleeps With Stranger’s Dog On New Year’s Day

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A new year sure is fun for us human beings. Even when the whole thing is just the Earth finishing its revolution around the sun, that still is a cause for celebration. Hence, lots of booze is involved during New Year’s Eve, and things can and do go… unexpectedly, like what happened to a drunk man who slept alongside a dog in a stranger’s house on the first day of 2019.


The incident happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Tuesday. Police officers received a call from a distressed female homeowner named Lynn Sarver. Apparently, the woman found a stranger sleeping in her dog’s bed, along with the dog— not a bad way to start the new year. The dog, a 150-pound Boerboel Mastiff named Benton, seemingly did not mind.


When the police arrived, they found out that the home invader was heavily intoxicated after celebrating New Year’s Eve. They also suggested that the drunk man could have entered the house through an unlocked door. All this was apparently done accidentally where the drunk man thought it was his home, save for the huge dog and the dog bed he slept on.


“They told me it could have been a lot worse. (The young man) didn’t know where he was. He couldn’t see — his glasses were tossed around the living room somewhere. He was very apologetic,” said Sarver, Benton’s owner. Mastiffs are generally known to be very powerful and big dogs which can easily kill a fully grown human since they were bred for war and killing.


Thankfully, nothing happened to the anonymous drunk man. What’s your New Year story? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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