Drunk Man Arrested After Breaking Into House And Eating Chips [Video]

Drunk Man

Seriously, yet another dumb criminal is off the streets.

An Indiana man is behind bars after being discovered as an intruder in someone’s house. Dressed only in his boxers, 19-year-old Andrew Wozniak was caught eating chips in the home.

Police responded to the call after the homeowner awoke on the couch and saw an extremely intoxicated man “standing in his living room, in nothing but his underwear, eating his chips.”

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

Wozniak was found by police walking down the street, still wearing only his boxers. Obviously extremely drunk, the officers began a breathalyzer test. Despite Wozniak’s promises of sobriety, he failed the test with a blood alcohol content of .106, much higher than the legal limit of .08.

Wozniak was taken to the hospital to be examined, where he violently lashed out. He is now in jail.

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