Drunk Driver Arrested And You Won’t Believe What Else She Was Doing

Drunk mother

Talk about multitasking…

An Orlando, Florida woman was arrested for drunk driving, but authorities say there is much more to the story. A Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over the 33-year-old mother early Tuesday morning for an altered temporary tag and a child unrestrained. The police officer discovered much more.

The deputy said he immediately realized that Cateria Thomas was intoxicated. Upon walking up to the car, he observed her watery, red eyes and very slurred speech. He also noticed three children in the backseat, unbuckled. Their ages range from 1,3 and 4 years of age.

The officer then saw a full gas can in the front passenger seat. After Thomas was obviously drunk, the officer began field sobriety tests. That’s when he observed Thomas breastfeeding a 2-month-old baby.

The official arrest report states that Thomas refused a breath test and said she had eaten four hamburgers with whiskey on them.

Thomas remains in jail on numerous charges, unlawful alteration to her tag, operating with a suspended license, a child act that could result in physical or mental injury and DUI. CPS is currently doing background checks on family members to see who can take custody of her four children.

A local news station stopped by Thomas’ home, but the family refused to comment on the incident.

One neighbor did speak out about what she heard happened secondhand from Thomas’ grandmother.

“She came over here and talked to us and said that [Thomas] had drove drunk last night with the baby and was breastfeeding and all the four kids got taken away this afternoon,” said neighbor, Sylvia Dabbs.

Dabbs says she disagrees with Thomas’ actions.

“Doing that to a child is not right, that’s not a mother.”

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