[VIDEO] Dog Gets Dumped By Owner Before Christmas In Heartbreaking CCTV Footage

CCTV footage
Photo by Mirror RSPCA

While it is a given that humanity does not deserve dogs, there are certain humans that really should stay away from such pure and friendly creatures. It’s been proven that dogs have the intelligence of the average toddler. You wouldn’t abandon a toddler on the roadside, would you? That is what happened to one unfortunate dog and the sad incident was even caught on CCTV footage.


Days before Christmas (yes, really) a Staffordshire bull terrier and his owner was caught on camera and recorded in a CCTV footage. The dog owner was actually leaving his dog on the roadside for some reason and he even struggled to do so because the dog knew what was up and was also too attached to him. Here’s the video:

This was one of the most heartbreaking Christmas videos right now. You can even see the dog’s panic as he kept jumping at the window and how he even ran after the car while it sped away from him. Unfortunately, his owner’s mind was made up. The dog, nicknamed Snoop by those who found him, was seen just “sitting sadly on his bed” on the roadside.


Perhaps it was for the best, however, as hundreds of people have heard of what happened to Snoop and are now willing to offer him a home just in time for New Year. One celebrity, namely BBC political presenter Andrew Neil, even wanted to adopt Snoop, “So disturbed by this footage. I say to RSPCA if you have trouble re-homing this little dog, I will take it gladly.” Here he is:

CCTV footage
Photo by Mirror UK/RSPCA

Snoop is currently being cared for in a private boarding kennel where he awaits the results of the investigation for his previous owner(s). He is now in good hands, regardless.

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