Stray Dog Visits Car Wash Routinely For Free Back Rubs [WATCH]

stray dog
Photo by Odyssey

There is no doubt that some animals, particularly dogs, are more clever than the rest. There have been numerous videos and photos around the internet showing just how resourceful these pups are, especially if they have to fend for themselves. One stray dog in Turkey has learned of something that she probably will not want to share with her kind. For she has learned the secret of getting some rubs for free!


A stray dog named Linda who lives in the streets of the Izmir province in Turkey has gone viral recently. Linda, who appears to be a German Shepherd mix, can be seen visiting a car wash nearly every day, that in itself is enough to make humans curious. Now, what would a dog want with a car wash anyway? Turns out, Linda has been using the automated car wash scrubs for her own R&R, take a look:

It seems Linda has devised a way to get free unlimited back rubs without the help of some humans beings. Of course, being a stray dog, one would assume that not many people give Linda her much needed pets and back rubs, so she had to get resourceful. It also seems that Linda has known how it works for a while now since she knows when to position herself for maximum rubs.


Because of the video though, Linda might have become less lonely, as she has become quite popular in the said place and people are expecting her every day at the said gas station car wash for her daily automated back rubs and pets.

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