Did One Direction Find Zayn Malik’s Replacement? [Video]

One Direction

It seems you can’t walk two steps without a headline concerning One Direction. So, what’s the latest on the boy band? It seems the speculation of whether One Direction will replace Zayn Malik. Malik decided to leave the group, citing depression.

While the group’s management has stated the band will continue as is without a fourth member. This hasn’t stopped the speculation from fans and celebrities alike.

It seems one former boy band member could have his eyes on the empty spot. Ashley Angel Parker posted a “audition ” for One Direction.

Parker is seen executing an excellent cover of the band’s hit, “Night Changes.” Then he makes a joke about being the band’s token big brother member. That’s when we realize it is a joke. #fakeaudition.

Parker is no stranger to the boy band game. He was formerly part of O-Town, a boy band that saw its fair share of pop fame.

All jokes aside, it seems some have their eyes on capitalizing on replacing Zayn. Music mogul, Simon Cowell has expressed interest in creating a reality show that would search for a fifth One Direction member.

“[Simon] is picturing a kind of Who Wants to Be a Boybander? type show, with auditions in both England and America,” an insider spilled to Star magazine.

What do you think? Should a new member be added to One Direction?

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