One Direction Member Takes A Unusual Side Job

Niall Horan

As if One Direction hasn’t been in the news enough lately, another member is making headlines for strange life choices. With the boy band on a two-month break from touring, Niall Horan signed up to caddy for Rory McIlroy, the world’s current top-ranked golf player. One Direction will pick back up their tour in Europe in June, so in the mean time the guys are looking for ways to fill the time. While some choose to make new lady friends, Niall is joining in on some more wholesome fun.

The blondest One Direction member joined McIlroy on Wednesday at the Par 3 contest. The event is a more light-hearted game before the real competition of the Masters Tournament begins.

The biggest media headline of the Masters has been the return of golf pro, Tiger Woods. But, with the announcement of Niall’s caddy duties, a new media frenzy has begun.

Niall is a huge sports fan and occasionally is seen playing golf, but that isn’t the reason for his new gig. Apparently, Niall and Rory have been friends for years. The fellow North Irelanders are excited to bring their friendship to the green.

One Direction Caddy
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“He’s been excited to come here,” the 25-year-old golf pro told ESPN about his famous new caddy. “He’s never been to the Masters. I caught up with him in Australia at the end of last year and he was really excited, and I said, ‘If you’re available Wednesday afternoon and you want to carry the bag for nine holes, you’re more than welcome.’”

With all of the attention, the Masters will see an influx of young teens tuning in. So, One Direction fans, make sure to tune in to ESPN for all the live action.

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