Another One Direction Member Accused Of Cheating

One Direction

As one member of One Direction is making news with cheating allegations, another one seems to be stealing the spotlight.

Louis Tomlinson and longtime girlfriend, Eleanor Calder have called it quits.

Eleanor Calder

Former bandmate, Zayn Malik made headlines when he decided to quit One Direction amidst cheating allegations. While Malik has been spotted with his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards and apparently making amends, Tomlinson doesn’t seem to be as lucky. After 4 years of dating, incriminating photos surfaced of what seems to show Tomlinson cheating on Calder in Thailand.

The photos show the One Direction member kissing and “snogging passionately” with a mystery girl in a hotel swimming pool during the band’s brief concert stop. According to The Sun, the mystery girl has been revealed to be Lucy Julian, the daughter of millionaire menswear designer, Alexander Julian.


Sources report seeing bandmates, Tomlinson and Malik arriving to the hotel pool area in the early hours of the morning and staying until the sun came up.

Julian has not denied the allegations, but would not comment further. Her friend did tell reporters that Julian is not embarrassed about what happened. She also shared that Tomlinson’s security guard took away her phone during the fling.

They were kissing on and off in the pool for about 15 minutes,” said a source to The Sun about Tomlinson cheating. “Louis was just wearing his boxers, having stripped off to swim. They were snogging passionately. I thought it was Eleanor until she turned around. He is going to be in a bit of trouble. It looks like he has got carried away with partying.”

Another source admitted that the had woken up “at 6:30 a.m. when we heard music and voices outside by the pool. After looking out of the window in our room we noticed it was Louis and Zayn. We couldn’t believe it. We knew they were in town and playing in Bangkok. They all looked like they had been drinking and there were glasses strung around the pool. There was Louis, Zayn, their two girls and another couple. A security guard was watching over them. Louis had stripped off and got in the pool before he began kissing his girl.”

“Afterwards the boys smoked and were laughing and joking with the girls,” added the source. “No one had any idea who the girls were. They stayed at the pool for about 30 minutes before all leaving together at 7 a.m. The sun was up by then. It looked like they had been up all night. They looked worse for wear.”

While it is unclear it seems Tomlinson and Calder had separated before the alleged trist due to constant fighting.

It must be hard to be in a boy band these days…

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