Dead Humpback Whale Mysteriously Ends Up In Amazon Jungle, No One’s Sure Why

Photo by Facebook/Bicho D'água

Our tiny human minds are always designed to recognize something off when it comes to natural patterns. Be it snow in the desert or a businessman becoming a president, we know when something’s off and is not supposed to be there. So when a dead humpback whale ends up in the Amazon jungle, our brain cells are bound to go haywire.


Now, how is that even possible? Humpback whales are purely saltwater animals which are too big to swim in rivers, let alone end up in a dry forest. Still, it happened in Marajo Island in Brazil. A 26-foot-long dead humpback whale was found dozens of feet away from the shore in the middle of a jungle.

The said carcass was discovered by the Bicho D’água Institute thanks to birds scavenging the dead humpback whale. It is worth noting that the said institute is located where the Amazon river meets the Atlantic ocean and is dedicated to studying the local wildlife.

So how did a whale end up in the jungle? Did it mutate? Was it a glitch in the matrix? Aliens? No one knows for sure. However, Daniel M. Palacios, an esteemed assistant professor in whale habitats at Oregon State University claimed that “The Amazon is a mighty river, so not completely unexpected. This animal was found more in the estuary or the mouth of the Amazon.”

Still, humpback whales usually don’t spend this time of the year anywhere near Brazil. It is the Northern Hemisphere winter, to be exact and whales usually don’t go near the Caribbean during this period. The said whale is quite young and is estimated to be only a calf. Those are known to deviate from the usual migratory pattern. Meaning it could have gotten lost. The said institute is currently studying the remains.

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