Darts Championship Match Perturbed By Fart, Chaos Ensues As Players Accuse Each Other

Photo by Radio NZ

The human digestive tract is a strange beast when it comes to extreme physical moments. In particular, one’s bowels can prove hard to control when under extreme pressures. Athletes in their finest sports moments are certainly not exempted from this. In fact, a recent darts championship even came under a controversial spotlight when the players got assaulted mid-game… by a fart.


The quarter-finals of the Grand Slam of Darts became a lot more interesting during a match between 47-year-old Scottish Gary Anderson and 34-year-old Dutch opponent, Wesley Harms. It was Harms who let rip not of the wind, but of the accusation, saying that he got distracted by a “fragrant smell” which he claimed was left behind by Anderson.


“It’ll take me two nights to lose this smell from my nose,” said Harms on Dutch TV after the match. However, Anderson did not back down from the accusation and even counterclaimed that it was Harms who let loose the notorious quarter-finals fart.

“I thought Wesley had farted on stage. I thought ‘that’s dirty’ – it was bad, it was a stinker. I thought it was him and he started playing better, I thought he must’ve needed to get some wind out. I swear on my children’s lives [it wasn’t me]. But it was smelly,” reasoned Anderson. He also said that he would have been apologetic if he had let out a flatulence of that magnitude. It was near the finals after all.


The truth of whoever did the dart fart dirty tactic was never found out, unfortunately. It was Anderson who won and is now set to face his next opponent in the ladder. Who do you think dunnit though? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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