A New Service Allows Customers To Send A Fart In A Jar

Jart Fart

It’s the gift they didn’t even know they wanted, and hopefully a gift you’ve ever given before.

Move over glitter bombs, introducing ‘Send A Jart’, the service that allows you to send a fart in a jar.

The process is simple, just visit the Jart website. Once there, you can choose what type of fart you want to send. This isn’t for the light-hearted, choices range from juicy to Republican. Not exactly adjectives that come to mind when you think of flatulence. Priced at $10, the Jart is a real deal and the perfect gift for your family members, friends and enemies alike.


After you’ve chosen the type of fart, you can add a customized note to explain to the recipent exactly why they are receiving such a thoughtful gift. After you’ve written your note, the people over at Jart say they will create your stinky package, seal it up and send it off in just 2-3 days, which they say is the perfect amount of time for the stench to ferment. I think I just threw up a little.

With the motto, “Send a fart in a jar. ‘Cause you can,” the creators call the product their signature “Ass Air.”

As silly as an idea, Jarts are getting some pretty positive feedback. From sons looking to pay back their practical joker dad to a scorned employee wanting to knock their arrogant boss down a level.

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