Chinese Woman Bites Man In Subway Train Due To ‘Marriage Problems’

Photo by YouTube/South China Morning Post

And they say marriage is not for everyone. Well, one Chinese woman proves to be a good case study. At least, after she claimed that she was having marriage problems following an incident of assault involving her and a man. The 36-year-old Chinese woman, whose name was best-left unknown, actually bit another man’s face during a train ride. Check out the incident below, it is a lot more creepy than it is funny though.

The victim, however, was not her husband but a random 56-year-old male passenger who was just unlucky enough to be near her. The man was left bleeding and needed hospital treatment for his injuries, and again, they did not know each other. After the biting, the suspect then proceeded to strip naked in the middle of the train ride, causing panic and confusion among the other passengers. This left them all scared and the train had to be evacuated at the next station.

Prior to the attack, the Chinese woman was already displaying signs of distress and extreme agitation. She even let out a rather blood-curdling screech before and after being arrested by the police. Once she was taken into police custody, the Chinese woman explained that she was having marriage problems, hence her behavior.

The matter is now being investigated by the police. Meanwhile, no other passengers in China’s Jinzhu station have been harmed by the said woman. This certainly is not the first train incident in China involving a marriage. Here is another video like that, though this time, less severe and more… err, romantic?

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