Russian ‘Cat City’ Invites Cats Who Were Refused Entry In Japanese Museum

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Sometimes the real reason cats are so snobbish, apart from generally hating humans, is that they are connoisseurs of art. This has been proven recently when two of them kept trying to gain entry to a museum in Japan after being shooed away. Well, now they can finally flex their elitist taste for culture in Russia since the so-called “cat city” there has invited them over.

Back in early November, Japanese Twitter went abuzz with a viral video of two cats named Gosaku and Ken-Chan who tried to enter the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art in Japan. The security guard simply won’t let them, but some human being with a nerve to stop them is not enough to, well, stop them. So they kept trying:

This gained the attention of the city of Zelenogradsk, Russia. The city has gained the reputation of being the ‘cat city’ because it houses the Murarium Art Collection of Cats. There, Gosaku and Ken-Chan could have their lust for cat art sated without being refused entry by some mere human. Additionally, Zelenogradsk is also set to celebrate its local holiday about cats in March hence the invitation.

Unfortunately, Onomichi City Museum of Art declined the said invitation, speaking on behalf of Gosaku and Ken-Chan themselves. Here’s the Japanese museum’s reply:

The reasons were never clearly stated and the said two art-savvy cats might never get the chance to be with their own kind in cat city. Apparently, cats are also not exempted from the political tension between Russia and Japan, apart from other reasons, perhaps.

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