Like Big Butts And Want To Lie? The Buttress Pillow Is Just The Thing For You

big butts
Photo by Kickstarter/Jia

It’s hard not to like big butts these days. After all, most “artists” in the music industry keep flaunting their Beverly Hills buns in an attempt to start a fad and turn it into something profitable. Apart from that, big butts are generally a measure of good health. So Japan (yes, them again), got too fixated on them big butts and decided to have a pillow for people who love butts… and buttcracks.


It is true that Japan is a country full of weird and often entertaining “useless” inventions. That means this might not exactly come as a shock to most of you guys, behold, the buttress pillow, a life-sized replica of big butts turned into a pillow:

The thing is, it was not actually Japan which invented it, but rather, a China-born man living in the US named Jiayang Guo. Jia initially started the buttress pillow as a Kickstarter project in the US and it saw much success over there. Jia was a self-proclaimed “fan of the butts,” a true gentleman. He invented the pillow because he missed his girlfriend one night and longed to place his hand on her butt…

Naturally, the Japanese people had a field day with his invention. So Japan wanted the buttress pillow for themselves too because… reasons! That, and it also goes perfectly well with the Japanese boob pillow and the lady lap pillow.

Of course, anyone who has ever, uh, placed their heads on another person’s butt will know just how comfortable that can be. So the buttress pillow gives you that kind of comfort as well without needing an actual butt, or an actual person.

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