Bridezilla Charges Guests More than $1,000 To Attend Her Bridal Party

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Look, we get it, weddings are special, but feeling entitled to extravagance because of them has the makings of a disastrous marriage. Unfortunately, this does not stop a lot of potential newlyweds in their quest to try to be Disney princes and princesses. Hence, we actually have a new contender for bridezilla over here where she demanded more than a thousand dollars from her bridal party guests.


The story was unveiled with a single Reddit post, and by the bridesmaid nonetheless which is also the sister of the bridezilla. Apparently, the demands of the bride for her bridal party was too obscene that it disgusted the sister, with Reddit name Suicides_and_sundaes. So she took to Reddit and shared to the internet how monstrous a wedding, or in this case a pre-wedding, can be:

bridal party
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Looks like a perfect set-up for a bridal royale, may the odds be ever in their favor. Anyway, here are the requirements to be the chosen ones for her wedding:

bridal party
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According to the now deleted thread, the proceeds of the guests’ payment to be in the said bridal party will fund the honeymoon of the couple. Oh, and it also seems that the attending guests are quite like her as well, according to the sister, so it is safe to assume that there are guests who will take the bite. One person even did the math and the charges per guest amounted to $1150, among them are the Ring Bearer and the Flower Girl, both of whom are children who will have to pay that much:

bridal party
Photo by Reddit/Suicides_and_sundaes

So far, the main post has been deleted but the comments are still there, though there have been no new updates on how the horrific bridezilla demands played out.

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