‘Borat’ Actor Is Back At It Again; This Time Making Fun Of Racist Republican Politician For Satire

Photo by YouTube/Sacha Baron Cohen

Does anyone here remember the character Borat from the political satire film “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan?” Goodness, that title gave me carpal tunnel syndrome. Anyway, it was the brainchild of British comedian and Hollywood actor Sacha Baron Cohen and it makes fun of the apparently absurd American culture and political colors. Here is a clip from the film:

Trivia, a lot of those people thought that the guy was for real. Little did they know, they were unwitting backdrops for a highly-acclaimed satire. Now, the Cohen is back at it again, this time in a television series in Showtime titled “Who is America.” Cohen is pretending to be a Middle Eastern “terrorism” expert Colonel Erran Morad interviewing politicians and political figures who are often extremely right-wing in political orientation, or racists, or Islamophobes, or a combination of all those. Here is his latest work:

Another trivia, the politician Cohen invited in the show, Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer, was actually forced to resign after that episode due to a racial slur, specifically the “n-word.” It was censored on the video, but it is there alright. As for how Cohen managed to convince the Republican politician to do this remains a mystery. One thing is for certain, though, that naked posterior sure is disturbing.

Photo by YouTube/Sacha Baron Cohen

It is unknown whether Cohen is trying to work his way up the right wing ladder, or if he will ever feature the current U.S. President in his show someday. That, however, is quite a prospect, an exciting one too, stay tuned to Cohen’s YouTube channel for online updates.

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