Man Lying Face Down In Scottish River Finds UK’s Largest Gold Nugget


The biggest gold nugget discovered in British waters for 500 years has been found by a man lying face down in a river in Scotland.

Gold expert Leon Kirk analyzes the record breaking gold nugget found in a Scottish river; Photo by: Qwiket

The uncovering was made two years ago, however its exact location remains a secret to avert Scotland’s biggest gold rush in years. Upon locating the nugget the man — in his 40’s — raced from the water clasping his gold yelling “bingo”.

“I was following a crack in the bedrock and found around 2g in fine gold,” he said.

“This then led to a pocket, where I uncovered the nugget. I called over my friend to have a look and we both assumed it to be around 5-7g in weight.

“It wasn’t until I removed it that we realized just how big it was.”

He continued: “I took off my glove and picked it up, jumped out of the water and screamed, ‘Bingo!’ to my friend.

“We were both stunned and couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime.”

Named the Douglas Nugget, it is anticipated to be worth at minimum $65,616 USD (£50,000).

The method used to find it is called sniping, where the treasure hunter lies face down in the water with a snorkel and goggles; Photo by: Firenews

The man, who desires to remain anonymous, ran across the 85.7g gold lump with a technique called ‘sniping’, in which the surveyor uses a snorkel to lie face down in the water and comb the riverbed.

“It’s a bit of a secret society, gold panning, when you find a good river,” he stated. “I know this guy has spent the last two years looking through the rest of the river where he found this huge nugget.

“He’s found lots of other pieces of gold since so that’s probably why he’s kept it quiet – you wouldn’t want to give something like that away.”

“I think we’re both of the view as well that telling people where it was could ruin the river – but I don’t even know where he found it.”

A crack in the bedrock of the river displayed a fine line of gold and led to a large pocket containing the huge chunk; Photo by: Two Eggz


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