Words That Describe Republicans According To “Snowflake” Liberals

Words That Describe Republicans

Republicans are the first to throw shade at anyone who is slightly different from themselves, yet they can’t seem to handle it when they’re called out on it. They hide behind their bibles and use it’s outdated words as an excuse for their hateful opinions because apparently, they can’t figure out how to make their own. Liberals are called everything from “libtards” to “snowflakes” which, while they’re certainly creative, don’t actually speak to our beliefs. When asked to describe Republicans, liberals are far less likely to use slurs and childish insults but actual adjectives that can be found in the English dictionary. So, if you’re looking to piss off a Republican, then this is certainly a list you’ll want to check out. The words used to describe Republicans in this list are all actual opinions from liberals around the country.

Old White Men

Words That Describe Republicans

Of course, there are female Republicans as well, but more often than not those who are running for office are a bunch of old white dudes. And who put them in office? Other old white dudes. The older generation is also more for the conservative lifestyle, as that’s how they grew up, making them the image of the Republican party. Thankfully, they’re all dying off as liberals are turning 18 every day. It’s the cycle of life at it’s best.


Words That Describe Republicans

Republicans are always so concerned with how everyone else lives their lives, and are the first ones to comment on a lifestyle they know nothing about. This doesn’t just pertain to their vocalized disagreement with the LGBT community and gay marriage, but also what women do with their bodies, immigrants working in America, and what everyone is doing with their money as they’re always telling liberals to put away their pennies. Like that will help to pay off our student loan debt or our bills when we’re being paid a salary that doesn’t allow for sustainable living in our state.


Words That Describe Republicans

This country may have started out as a Christian nation, but things change. Not only should religion be left out of every political discussion and decision ever made, but when the political opinions are all Christian based in a country where there are a few other popular religions going around, perhaps they should also be considered. Telling a Jewish woman that she can’t have an abortion because it’s not Christian is like telling a Christian man he can’t have that ham and swiss sandwich for lunch next week because it’s not Muslim.


Words That Describe Republicans

We all know that Republicans like things a certain way, and liberals were nice enough to describe them as stubborn and rigid. While the world is living in 2018, Republicans are fixated on a period in the ’50s when the men went to work, and the women stayed home with the kids. When they would come home to a hot meal prepared and ready on the kitchen table. When the gay community hid behind closed doors and immigrants were few and far between. The world has changed, but Republicans refuse to change with it. Fortunately, they can’t do very much to stop human progression.


Words That Describe Republicans

If it’s not crooked Hilary’s fault then it Obama’s. They have no jobs because of the immigrants. Their marriages failed because of the gays and their rights to get married. They didn’t get that promotion at work because women are allowed to work now. That wart on their face doubled in size and turned to cancer because they pissed off God by allowing women to have abortions. Whatever their issue is, they’re quick to blame someone else.


Words That Describe Republicans

Gun control is just one way Republicans have demonstrated their selfish ways, refusing to budge on giving kids access to guns to help prevent school shootings. They’d rather put more guns in schools because that makes sense. It’s like solving a drug problem by making access easier. But that just proves their irrational way of thinking that has led to such a rift between the political parties. At least they can now get those jobs they’ve been dying for chopping vegetables in restaurant kitchens, hoeing in the fields on our farms, and mowing lawns in the suburbs now that Trump has managed to get rid of enough illegal immigrants.


Words That Describe Republicans

If you think all Muslims are terrorists, that homosexuals are ruining the sanctity of marriage, or that millennials won’t become successful because they spend all their money on avocados, then you’re afraid of the unknown. It should become a requirement for Republicans to participate in some kind of student exchange program as adults where they host a Muslim, member of the LGBT community, a feminist, anyone they haven’t had enough exposure to and ultimately fear. After introducing them to their Republican lifestyle, then they can go live with them for a week or two and educate themselves on those who are different rather than simply writing them off as inhuman. This is a genius idea. I think I’m going to write a letter to Congress.


Words That Describe Republicans

Being a gay Republican is like being a conservative working for Planned Parenthood. You’re ultimately working against yourself and your beliefs. This is why, for the most part, members of the Republican party of straight. Old, white straight men. Or, at least, they claim they’re straight. Statistically speaking, there are definitely more than a few Republicans living the gay-life on the down low. Married with four kids, all white of course, with an “office” downtown that doubles as a sex dungeon. Now, that’s the way to live.


Words That Describe Republicans

As one of the most common terms used to describe Republicans, calling them ignorant is basically a nice way of saying they’re racist, homophobic, sexist and just overall hateful people. But when there’s one idiot voicing their negative opinions (ahem…Trump), it makes the others feel like it’s okay to say things about a group of people that is just not very nice. They’re contributing to the divide of our country with their hateful comments, and it’s only a matter of time before a civil war breaks out. Or has it already?

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